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I teach businesses how to keep their employees safe in an ever-changing and uncertain world.

I have seen first-hand the results of not having effective safety management systems and poor safety culture on organizations and more importantly, it’s people.

I have made it my mission to teach others how to stay safe, use effective safety management tools and to continue to improve their safety culture.

Join me as I share my experiences and help you manage workplace safety one episode at a time on The SafetyPro Podcast! Support and subscribe today. 

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The VPP Simplified Gap Tool is an interactive spreadsheet giving you the ability to assess your organization's current state compared to all of the elements and sub-elements of the OSHA VPP.

  • Detailed descriptions of each VPP element and sub-element (along with examples/explanations)
  • A stoplight to indicated an element has not been implemented, in-progress, or complete.
  • Select your review source: document, interview, observation
  • Enter notes as you complete each sub-element, which can be used in your VPP Application

Get the VPP Simplified Gap tool the pro's use today for only $99.00! 

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